Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A couple of bedtime stories for you from the Swazi Observer


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Deep dark secrets of evil powers in the satanic realm have been exposed by a former devil worshipper Patience Tsabedze saved from clutches of hell by well known demon-busting Pastor Muzi Manana.
The 27 year-old Patience was saved two months ago after serving the devil for more than seven years and is not the first person in Swaziland to testify about encounters with the powers of darkness.
On the day she was saved, her husband [who is a police officer, but did not want to be named] Pastor Manana of the Church of God and other policemen watched in horror as Patience vomited gallons of blood, two types of snakes, three live starfish and 20 ordinary fish, a dead rat, over 700 worms and other gory items.
Her ears also excreted millipedes (emashongololo) and days later, she ‘gave birth’ to a two headed snake after experiencing hours of what she described as labour pains.
The traumatised husband who was in the company of Pastor Manana recalls the scene of Patience’s’ deliverance vividly and describes it as being reminiscent of a horror movie that never seemed to end.
Both Patience and her police officer husband praised the Lord for her deliverance and thanked Pastor Manana “for allowing God to use him to save her”.
Patience still does not believe that so many animals were implanted in her body and operated in the seven years that she worked for the devil. 
In an interview, the husband still traumatised by the candid confessions, admitted that he was blissfully unaware that his wife of four years was a devil worshipper.
 “I never suspected, not even once, that my wife was a devil worshipper, until two months ago when she was prayed for and saved,” he said in an interview in one of the police camps where the couple lives with their two toddlers.
Despite the military training he received at the police college, Patience’s husband said nothing could have prepared him for the horrific scene he witnessed on the day of his wife’s deliverance.
Patience claims to have held a very high rank in hell, and that when she was saved, demons were not amused with her newfound life in the Lord.
After she was saved, she claims to have received all kinds of threats from the devil and many pleas to return to the dirty of life of demons, in exchange for riches and a luxurious life.
“The devil promised to give me a brand new shiny car and money if I went back to him, but I am not going there ever again,” she vowed, adding “my family and I suffered too much in the hands of satan”.
Patience acknowledged that it may be hard for some people to actually believe that devil worshippers exist, but warned all people, especially parents to be careful of what their children get up to.
She advised parents to monitor their children, especially those using computers for social networking as they are the most prone to falling trap to evil spirits.
Giving a glimpse of what her task in hell was, she said her main role was to take care of Pastors. “My main role was to iron Pastor’s suits and handkerchiefs they use to wipe sweat during sermons,” she said.
She was referring to well-known men of the cloth in Swaziland who on the surface are known as true Christians, but in real life serve the devil.
The other task was to cause trouble for her husband, as Satan accused him of having ill-treated another devil worshipper whose real name is Kholekile whilst he was on duty.
“The snake hated my husband so much that he wanted him killed at some stage,” said Patience. Both Patience and husband are now born again Christians and enjoy their new found faith.
She advised Christians to worship Christ in truth, fast, pray and read the Bible and live according to what it says to avoid being affected by demons.
“Pastor” hires hit men to kill PatienceA certain well known Pastor from one of the charismatic churches reportedly hired hit men from South Africa to kill Patience Tsabedze, a former devil worshipper.
The hitmen surfaced in June, and as a result, Patience and her police officer husband were forced to move from their rented flat at Ezulwini where they lived before, to a police camp because of safety reasons.
The pastor was apparently irked by the confessions made by Patience and also feared that he might be exposed.
“The pastor called me several times and begged me not to expose him in newspapers. At some stage he sent a church member who promised to build me a mansion and buy me a nice car on condition that I did not mention that the Pastor was from hell,” she said. The hitmen arrived at Ezulwini but could not locate both Patience and her husband.
Evil T-shirts, rings and underwears confisticatedTwo T-shirts, rings and a strange looking panty that were used by Patience in the under world were confisticated by Pastor Manana. Pastor Manana did not say when he would destroy the items.
The strange underwear operates electronically and has visible seven lights. Some of the items she received as a gift could not be confisticated by the Pastor. Patience warned that some of the most liked clothing labels are manufactured in hell.
Shop owners, Beware!
One of the issues that emerged during an interview with Patience was that many items found in shops nowadays are manufactured in hell. Patience is not the first former devil worshipper to highlight the presence of factories under the sea where real people and experts from real life labour to produce many things.
Patience alleged that some of the manufactured items contain codes one of which is known as code 9.
“When an item contains code 9 and is displayed in a shop, it is easy for a devil worshipper to lift it from a shop without paying for it, and no one, not even the fiercest security guard would ever notice that”

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  1. that is true, believe in jesus name, then you'll be saved in jesus name, amen.